Every auto dealer needs a website but many General Managers don’t have the time to devote to make it really shine. Some hire an internet manager who is responsible for updating content while others hire an advertising agency, others completely ignore it. The issue with hiring someone at the store level is that turnover for car dealerships is extremely high and the cost to train someone is even higher.

If you’re like the majority of automotive dealers, you don’t a have clue what to believe because you’ve been bombarded with agencies all trying to get you to sign with them. That’s where we come in. We are a third party provider that holds your CMS provider accountable. We are able to update your website, add in relevant offers and information, and work with the content management tools to make your life easier.

Daily and Weekly Site Checks


We give your website the attention it deserves. Our team’s system entails checking every site we manage at minimum three times a week. This is to ensure every detail is correct and nothing is out of place.

And we’re always open to working on your website even more when special requests come up.

Work Within Manufacturer Compliance


The risk of non-compliance has increasingly become more and more of an issue over the years. Edge of the Box works to provide marketing materials that all fit compliance regulations.



If you are looking for a website provider change, we can work with you through the process. If you are unhappy with the level of customer service that you are getting at the CMS level, we can get things done much faster and it will look better.

Edge of the Box is well versed in multiple website management platforms. Check out a few examples below.

Need someone to manage your website? Contact us today!