At Edge of the Box, we find solutions to some of the most difficult marketing challenges. With a niche focus on automotive clientele, we offer services like website maintenance, email marketing, event planning, promotions, website design and print.

We analyze your target audience and find cost effective marketing methods that meet your clientele’s demographic, geographic location and primary focus. We will pull your ideas to the edge of the box and beyond to produce extremely affordable solutions that deliver major impact.



Edge of the Box Marketing was born in July 2016, starting with the launch of the world-first carbon neutral event for Motorcars Honda. Since then, our previous business relationships have opened the door to expansion at an exceptional rate, with our client base and employee hire rate continuing to grow.

Since starting Edge of the Box, we have built a stellar team, turned the corner of profitability, formed exciting new business relationships with our clientele, and we’re only looking up from here!



As a tight-knit family ourselves, we understand the value in forming a close, personal relationship with those you work with. We strive to form these same relationships with each and every one of our clients.



Our support team and turn around time is beyond comparison!

Increased Conversion

Website traffic is great, but doesn’t always mean much if it doesn’t convert to meaningful revenue. We help to make sure your traffic generates substantial results.

Fast Turn Around

Our timeline is your timeline. We strive for maximum efficiency when completing client requests.

100% Quality Work

We don’t use contracts to keep you around, we rely on a product of virtue. We work with you to make sure your business gets exactly what it needs.

Premium Support

We make it a point to maintain fluent communication with our clients. For any comment, question, or concern you have, we’re here to help.

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