It’s a debate that has continued throughout the decades.

“Should my company have an in-house marketing team, or should I hire an agency instead?”

A quick Google search and you’ll find pages and pages of articles discussing the pros and cons of each.

Instead of just comparing the two ourselves, we’re taking this post in a slightly different direction. After reading through a few of those pros and cons articles, we found that people often stereotype what you can expect with a marketing agency. Stereotypes that don’t accurately represent Edge of the Box’s culture and work mottos.

Below we’ve collected a few of the standout statements we came across, and discuss what Edge of the Box is doing to break the mold of the traditional marketing agency.

“Agencies are impersonal”

Many articles discussed how you can form close relationships with your in-house employees, but not with Agencies. We believe this isn’t further from the truth.

Our team works to maintain fluid communication with all our clients. We get to know the ins and outs of what they need and any subtle details their company may require.

“Response Time”

Another worry we’ve seen is that businesses are afraid that they won’t hear back quickly from agencies.

Maintaining an efficient and ever-improving response time is a constant priority for Edge of the Box. We make sure you’re never left in the dark about updates on a request, and that none of your questions go unanswered.


Some believe agencies are the more expensive choice, but you’ll be hard pressed to find an in-house option more affordable than us.

Edge of the Box has no long-term contracts. Instead of having to pay for a full year+, or pay the full salaries of multiple employees, Edge of the Box clients pay a low month-to-month price. This gives our clients flexibility and eliminates the fear of being tied down. We only rely on a product of virtue to ensure our clients want to stick around.

Want to see for yourself the benefits of working with Edge of the Box as your go-to digital marketing team? Contact us today for a free consultation.