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Edge of the Box offers a wide variety of solutions to car dealers across the country. Managing partner, Trevor Gile has spearheaded the Green Dealership Initiative worldwide by installing the largest single structure solar canopy for any automotive dealership in the country along with upgrading to a VRF (variable refrigerant flow) high efficiency heating and cooling system. His initiative continues to keep Motorcars Honda at the forefront of dealership technology by developing the most advanced express service assembly line ever constructed. His inside knowledge in the automotive field allows for great insight into finding automotive marketing niches for dealerships everywhere.

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Email Marketing
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Website Maintenance

Every auto dealer needs a website but many General Managers don't have the time to devote to make it really shine. Some hire an internet manager who is responsible for updating content while others hire an advertising agency, others completely ignore it. The issue with hiring someone at the store level is that turnover for car dealerships is extremely high and the cost to train someone is even higher.

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If you're like the majority of automotive dealers, you don't have clue what to believe because you've been bombarded with agencies all trying to get you to sign with them. That’s where we come in. We are a third party provider that holds your CMS provider accountable. We are able to update your website, add in relevant offers and information, and work with the content management tools to make your life easier.

If you are looking for a website provider change, we can work with you through the process. If you are unhappy with the level of customer service that you are getting at the CMS level, we can get things done much faster and it will look better.

  • Get your new offers posted as soon as they are released

  • We work within all brand compliance guidelines

  • SEO friendly page creation

  • Custom event graphics

  • Speedy Turnarounds

  • Website Platform Migrations

Social Media Marketing

Edge of the Boxes social media management services is designed to grow your brand’s online presence. We help your brand build confidence and relationships with potential buyers. The benefits of using our social media management services consist of boosted awareness, website traffic, and lead generation.

We use platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to achieve your brand’s social media objectives. Each social media platform is used differently to connect with potential buyers.

We do four things to help your business grow on social media:

  • Daily Management & Posts

  • Custom Content Creation

  • Interactive Engagement

  • Awareness & Follower Growth

Using platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram we are able to achieve increased social media awareness in the internet of things.

Facebook is a data-driven platform that allows your business to target buyers based on interests and geographic location. We create engaging content and run Facebook ads to increase your likes, post reach, and website traffic.

Twitter allows your business to have 1-on-1 conversations with your target audience. With the added ability to use the platform for customer service and a “direct” line to your business for questions. We post shareable content and help build new relationships with potential buyers.

Instagram is all about telling your brand’s story through images. We use high-quality images and post 1-2 times on a daily basis. We incorporate high-traffic hashtags in posts to reach a large audience.

Email Marketing

Most auto dealers have a system in place already to send html rich email blasts. We are able to create beautiful designs to keep your customer base engaged using state of the art coding techniques to ensure optimal delivery on all platforms.

Email Blasts
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